The final program is now available.

Over this first decade of the 21st Century, Proteomics has progressed so rapidly and intensively that the time has come to evaluate the achievements and plan the future to make new major breakthroughs in all biological areas.

The overall theme - "2010 - A Proteomic Odyssey Towards Next Decades", was chosen hoping that the speakers and the attendees share and discuss their personal overviews about proteomics progress and limitations during this 21st Century' s first decade as well as their expectations about the future of proteomics and its impact in their particular research area.

The event will provide an appropriate atmosphere to foster fruitful interaction and creative dialogs among scientists to better face the growing challenges confronting proteomics scientists today.
Emphasis will be placed on topics of greatest current interest and importance.

The following educational activities, organized by the EuPA Education Committee, will arranged in connection with the meeting:

  • The EuPA-Course Day on "Experimental Design in Proteomics" (chairs: Peter James & Garry Corthals), 23rd October 2010, Hotel Estoril Éden (see the Course program).
  • The EuPA-Workshop on "Phospho- and ADP-ribo-Protein Sequencing" (chairs: Dave Goodlett, Nick Morrice and Garry Corthails), 24th October, 2010, Estoril Congress Center. (see the program and chairs biographies).
  • The EuPA-Workshop on "Pathway Analysis in Proteomics" (chair: Roman Zubarev). 24th October, 2010, Estoril Congress Center. (see the program and chair's biography).

There will be a dedicated session to EUPA Young Investigator in Proteomics and Senior Scientist in Proteomics Award. Details will be soon available on the web-site.

Also, this year Lunch Roundtables Sessions (25th and 26th October) will be provided. The idea is to put together senior investigators and students to discuss particular subjects. Each Table will have 10 participants: 1 or 2 moderators and 9 pre-register participants.
This is a limited attendance session. Admission by pre-registration and ticket only (25€ of registration fee). Lunch will be provided. Moderators' names will appear in the final program. Register now!

Round table topics

R1- sample collection/preparation/biobanking for biomarker discovery
R2- translational plant proteomics: from the lab to the field/table
R3- investigating glycoproteins
R4- investigating phosphoproteins
R5- labeling vs label-free quantitative proteomics
R6- spatio-temporal proteomics
R7- imaging MS on cryo vs FFPE preserved tissues
R8- standards and guidelines in proteomics
R9- databases, data management and data mining
R10- SRM/MRM challenging
R11- proteomics arrays and immunotechnology
R12- quantitative 2D electrophoresis
R13- peptidomics and bioinformatic tools
R14- experimental design in disease biomarkers discovery
R15- proteomics in species evolution
R16- proteomics on archived biological materials
R17- interactomes, networks and pathways analysis
R18- proteomics and cancer research
R19- translational proteomics: from the lab to the clinic
R20- stem cell proteomics