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The Portuguese Proteomics Association (REDE-PROCURA) and 'Associação Viver a Ciência' together with The European Proteomics Association (EuPA) promote a contest of Proteomics Photography and Graphic Arts to distinguish the best image associated with scientific research or technology in the field of Proteomics.

The objective is to explore the artistic value produced during the process of proteomics research providing the general community an original perspective on what/why/how proteomics is crucial for health and disease understanding (from microorganisms to plants and man), in this pos-genomic era.

By combining the photography or graphic art showcase with a short context explanation, we expect to catch and consolidate general public interest in Proteomics Science.

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Who is eligible

  1. The Competition is open to the scientific community as well as to anyone interested in Proteomics, Photography and Graphic Arts. Members of the EuPA 2010 organizing committee, members of the jury and employees from sponsoring companies are excluded from the competition.


  1. The author of the winning entry will be awarded 1000€ and the work published in the cover of a special issue of the Journal of Proteomics, dedicated to the 4th EuPA Meeting 2010.

Submission guidelines

  1. Each participant can submit up to four works. Each work can be a single image or a sequence of up to eight images compiled in one picture.
  2. Each application consists of two elements: the image(s) and their description.
  3. Applicants are required to give a general description of the image suitable to be understood by the public in general (80 words max), and also a technical description refering the equipment and techniques used (e.g. camera details) to obtain the picture (40 words max).
  4. Participants must submit their work online. Digital submissions are required and must be no longer than 800 pixels on the longest side and saved as JPEGs (.jpg), in RGB format and not exceeding 4MB per image file. Each image file should be identified with the name of the author and the number of the image, in the following format: first name initial, followed by family name, followed by number of the image (e.g. JSmith1.jpg, JSmith2.jpg, ...).
  5. Deadline for submissions is 10th of Sep 2010, 1 pm (GMT).

Use of images

  1. Upon participation in this contest, the selected applicants will be asked to fill a copyright transfer form to REDE-PROCURA.
  2. Any photograph used by REDE-PROCURA shall carry the applicant's credit line.
  3. The organizers will not use the submitted images that were not selected for any purpose without previous authorization by the author.


  1. Authors of the selected images for exhibiting will be invited for the opening of the conference. The 20 selected authors will also be invited to be present in the award announcement ceremony that will take place during the Congress Dinner.
  2. The selected images will be put up for sale during the exhibit and the sales product will revert to the author (15%) and to the REDE-PROCURA (85%). The sale value for each image will be recommended by the EuPA Meeting 2010 Organizing Committee.


  1. The Jury will be composed by professionals from the areas of science, art and photography.
  2. The Jury may disregard any submission not within the scope of the contest or cancel the competition if the competing images do not reach a minimal standard
  3. All jury decisions are final.

The Organizing Committee of EuPA 2010.